The Gospel as Public Truth

Lesslie Newbigin has written a few works on the concept of the gospel as public truth. This concept emphasizes the factual basis of Christianity, and encourages Christians to be confident to engage in rational public discourse with Scripture as their basis. This article tries to envisage what Newbigin's proposal might mean. Criticism, questions and suggestions for modification of Newbigin's work are given with the intention of carrying the program forward.

The Reconstitution of Authority

The purpose of this article on authority is threefold. In the first place it discusses the nature and excellence of authority in general, and the authority that historic Christianity has ascribed to the Creator in particular. Secondly, it points to some of the ways the Western world has turned from God's authority. Finally, it discusses how Christianity might be able to re-establish authority in the world today.

Coming to Faith in the Gospel of John

Bowen explores the way in which John's Gospel describes the process of coming to faith. He considers the cases of the woman at the well, the crowd, the first disciples, Nicodemus and the blind man. Bowen argues that this gospel offers vital insights into people's journey to faith. This sheds light on contemporary understandings of evangelism and apologetics.