A Christian Response to Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

Normalizing homosexuality and same-sex marriage is something that is against God's will and his institution of marriage. This article shows that Christians have a calling to pray to God to preserve the sanctity of marriage, to call the church to stand firm and not fall in this sin, and work for the conversion of homosexuals.

Spiritual Maturity: A Rare Yet Essential Requirement for a Healthy Church

The characteristics of a person who is spiritually mature are stability, proper self-esteem, being objective and impartial, the ability to deal with failure, and taking responsibility for one's actions. Spiritual maturity is crucial for the healthy life of the church. Let this article explain.

Jodocus Van Ladonstein's Experiential & Practical Theology

The view of Jodocus Van Ladonstein on the Reformation in the Netherlands as a movement that did not stop at sound doctrine but continued to shape the life of the believer is what fuelled him to be part of those who called for further reformation, emphasising self-denial and sanctification. This is what the article explains.