Clothing Matters: What We Wear to Church Why what we put on may be more important than we think

Does God care how we dress for church? Does not God look at the heart and not the externals? This article reveal how dressing and clothes are means of communication, and as such can be linked to our worship of God. How you dress for a worship service matters.

Are We Enlarging Our Tent and Strengthening Stakes?

Evangelism and mission work are not easy to do. Often people reject you and do not come to faith. How can one get the courage to share the gospel? This meditation encourages us to start with God's promise as given in Isaiah 54:2. When we realize that God gave the promise for church growth, we are encouraged to expect it from him, and labour with hope.

The Lost History Of Early Christianity

When one thinks about the Middle East, often Islam comes to mind as the dominant religion. Has it always been like that? In this article the author reveals how the mission work of the early church spread through the East and how Christianity was dominant there. Lessons are drawn on why Christianity declined. This is an article to read to learn the other side of church history.