I Have a Bone to Pick…

Since God does many things that we don’t understand, there are times when we carry questions that can quickly become an accusation against God, even a complaint. This article explains the process that God's children often go through, from complaint to realization how great God is. The author pays particular attention to the way in which Job worked through his intense suffering. Humility is greatly needed, as a protection from unbelief or from calling God to account.

Towards a Ministry of Exorcism?

Should there be a ministry of exorcism? This article engages with this question, highlighting the scriptural data on the influence of the devil among God's children, demon-possession in the New Testament, and then making some remarks on Mark 16:17-18, a passage often cited as proof that also today evil spirits can be driven out in the name of Jesus. The author emphasizes the importance of God's people being armed with the Word and prayer.

Attention for the Angels

This article examines the Scriptures on the matter of angels. It explains that in the Old Testament we encounter a celestial court council, of which the angels constitute a part. The article then outlines the duty of the angels, as well as their essence (as spirits). It emphasizes that we cannot abstract the angels from Christ. Finally, it gives some attention to a book by L.F. de Graaff on the topic.