Open Heart, Open Home – The Church: God's Glorious Image of Hospitality

This article shows how hospitality was a way of life in early Christian households. Hospitality is the gospel in action, a way of showing that God has received us in his grace. The article considers the various biblical commands to practice hospitality, pointing out that each command is set in the context of love. It goes on to focus on hospitality as an important qualification for the office of elder, and is of great value in shepherding the flock.

Open Heart, Open Home – God Himself: His Gracious Hospitality Toward Us

Why should Christians show hospitality? This article explores this question by showing that the story of the Bible is the story of God’s hospitality toward us. It speaks of a table of fellowship once given, lost, then restored, to God’s people. Food and the table are a unifying theme in Scripture, and this article gives a sense of how this is so, and its relevance for how we may show practical grace in hospitality.