Election and Free Will – Why a Book on Election and Free Will?

The subject of election, or predestination, raises many questions in people’s minds. In this book the author tries to answer many of those questions from the Scriptures. The first chapter introduces the importance of the subject, noting the biblical witness to God’s electing love and the search for assurance in the insecurity of contemporary life.

Salvation Accomplished by the Son – Christ's Incarnation

The subject of this chapter is how God became a man, i.e., the incarnation of the Son of God. Man’s salvation is not possible without it, for it is an essential prerequisite for Jesus’ death and resurrection. Peterson investigates the Old Testament, the Synoptic Gospels, the Gospel of John, and the Epistles, noting their witness to Christ’s birth.

The Kingdom of God – Introduction

This introduction indicates the great importance of a good grasp of the kingdom of God—it is indispensable for a proper understanding of Jesus Christ and the redemption he accomplished. A good understanding of the kingdom illuminates many other aspects of theology. The introduction also reflects on divergent views of the kingdom.