This article outlines fifty ways for Christian business leaders to integrate faith in the workplace.

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Fifty Ideas to Integrate Faith in the Workplace

Being a Christian means being intentional in our thoughts, actions, and most importantly, in our relationships with others. The salvation of those who come in contact with our business should be of highest priority, but many well-intentioned business leaders struggle when it comes to integrating faith in the workplace. Are you discontent with merely being an example, and looking to share the Gospel in tangible ways? Consider one - or a few - of the ideas on this list!

  1. Pray daily for employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors.
  2. Prominently display your C12 member plaque with Scriptural encouragement.
  3. Establish written Biblical principles and values as a priority for your firm.
  4. Prepare a mission statement that identifies you as a Christian business with a ministry objective. Put it on your business card and literature.
  5. Provide Christian worldview seminars for employees, suppliers, and the community.
  6. Provide a Christian life resource library for your employees (e.g., literature and videos on current topics, business issues, and family matters).
  7. Provide a Corporate Chaplain for your employees.
  8. Offer to sponsor Christian camp costs for children of employees.
  9. Choose Christian motivational speakers for company meetings and retreats.
  10. Open and close company meetings with prayer and thanksgiving.
  11. Have annual supplier and customer appreciation outings with a Kingdom message.
  12. Cover the cost for employees and their spouses to attend Family Life seminars.
  13. Use holiday seasons to send cards or letters with tactful Gospel messages to employees, suppliers, and customers.
  14. Give away One-Year Bibles or other helpful application Bibles.
  15. Share your Biblical perspectives on current events or personal challenges in a monthly newsletter.
  16. Encourage your employees to join a learning/accountability group of peers.
  17. Use some of your firm's profits to support local ministries and keep your employees engaged with the outcomes.
  18. Send your key people to seminars and conferences where they can relate to other business and professional leaders.
  19. Lead a small group study or mentor individual employees on Christian values.
  20. Teach employees about financial planning, including stewardship and giving from a Biblical perspective.
  21. Have profit sharing of some kind and help them learn to plan for the future.
  22. Provide educational recognition and scholarships for the children of employees.
  23. Show your suppliers that you value them by paying on time or even hosting a supplier appreciation banquet.
  24. Model application of Scripture in business. Always be looking for teachable moments.
  25. Sponsor a Christian radio program.
  26. Have Christian magazines and a Bible available in your waiting area.
  27. Play Christian music during your telephone system's "on hold" time.
  28. Include tasteful evangelical tracts or pocket-sized Gospels with invoices and payments.
  29. Have a company picnic with shared testimonies.
  30. Set up a prayer box for employees and patrons to submit requests.
  31. Pray for your immediate marketplace and surrounding businesses.
  32. Have a compassion resource or help-line directory in your office to connect people who need assistance with local ministries.
  33. Establish a weekly prayer time and/or Bible study during lunch or off-hours.
  34. Hold a service to dedicate your business, new building, acquisition, or team to God.
  35. Hold "open houses" to share what drives your business with others.
  36. Be open to hiring disadvantaged people who have gone through a life-skills course.
  37. Commit to giving profits from the business to help promote the Gospel locally.
  38. Provide discounted or free services to local pastors and other ministry leaders.
  39. Consider allowing your employees the time to support a local ministry that needs administrative help.
  40. Include a small gift item when you bill your customers to show God's love.
  41. Sponsor employees to attend a Christian concert or seminar with a block of tickets.
  42. Share the resumes of good Christian employment prospects you may not be able to hire with other companies.
  43. Use your skills to mentor and assist struggling businesses in your vicinity.
  44. Write personal notes of appreciation to your employees.
  45. Provide financial management seminars for your employees so they can stay out of debt and use their money wisely.
  46. Make a list of family members of your employees with their ages, birthdays, anniversaries, or interests, and send a Scriptural note on special days. Encourage fellow employees to remember each other.
  47. Conduct a "Carefest" week. Each day can promote showing kindness in a specific way.
  48. Provide business card-sized handouts with encouragement and Scripture for employees to use to bless others.
  49. Locate a Christian marriage seminar and pay for employees to attend.
  50. Collaborate with other businesses and put on an appreciation banquet for the various ministries in your community.

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