Are you selling your business? This article offers some fundamental questions to consider that will help with God-honouring decision-making in this process.

2016. 2 pages.

Avoiding Spiritual Dangers When Selling a Business

When considering a sale, almost all of us will face the stewardship vs. ownership dilemma. This is the temptation to grab a bunch of money when it is waved in front of us. It is difficult to refuse, yet it often doesn't bring the desired result, and sometimes, it can bring something far worse.

Seller's remorse is very real, and owners should strive to avoid it. The C12 Group has developed some guidelines for dealing with selling a business and other major decisions based on our understanding of God’s truth as revealed to us in Scripture. C12’s basic position is that if God in fact owns a business, it is His and should be sold only at His direction. God may well want a business to be sold, but this is only clear when He is consulted first. Here are some fundamental questions that can help us with God-honoring decision-making:

  1. How will the most important priorities that God has shown you in your life as His child and servant be enhanced by selling your business platform? How will you be built up in effective service and fruitful ministry by making this decision?
  2. How might these very priorities (i.e., your calling) be harmed if you make such a decision? Remember, God does not work against Himself!
  3. How will your ministry effectiveness in relationships outside of the business be enhanced by this decision? Will it enhance your personal time and relationship with God, your spouse, your children, or others in need?
  4. Will Scripture, or scriptural principle, be violated in any way by this decision?  Will you potentially end up in an unequally-yoked situation? Will you be incited to lust or greed or pride? What are the spiritual dangers inherent in this decision?  
  5. Will you become more or less dependent on God if you go through with selling your business?
  6. Will the sale have a beneficial effect on those who trust your leadership in the business? If the sale results in the end of or the curtailment of the ministry in and through the business, what effect will this have on those you work and minister with?

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