Idols of the Heart and "Vanity Fair"

Why is idolatry by far the most frequently discussed sin in the Bible? It is a problem of the heart, the chief object of God's concern since from the heart issues every kind of love, hope, fear, whether holy or sinful. At the same time, idolatry is also a social problem, where the situation and people around us can negatively shape our behaviour.

The Epistemology of Pascal's Wager: A Christian Presuppositional Argument

Looking at the epistemology of Pascal, this article shows how Pascal understood knowledge to function in relation to the faculties of man - body, mind and heart. Pascal exposed the limits of knowledge, and believed that man's rejection of God is rooted in the heart. The ability of man to know God is dependant on the revelation of God. The author of this article argues that Pascal system is worth emulating.

Hyper-Preterism and Unfolding Biblical Eschatology

This article examines the claim of hyper-preterism that since all biblical prophecies must be fulfilled as predicted, this means that the imminent return of Christ was fulfilled. The author shows that this claim fails to take into account the human contingencies of prophecy. Biblical prophecies are seldom fulfilled exactly as they are.

Derrida, Van Til and the Metaphysics of Postmodernism

Loking at the philosophy of Jacques Derrida and linking it to postmodernism, this article shows that the struggle of postmodernism is not that of epistemology, but that of ontology and metaphysics. The author discusses Derrida's struggle with phenomenology and logocentrism, and points to Van Til as the answer to Derrida's criticism.