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The work of the Triune God

In his monumental work on the Holy Spirit, Abraham Kuyper offers a useful distinction between the particular works of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He suggests that “in every work effected by Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in common, the power to bring forth proceeds from the Father; the power to arrange from the Son; the power to perfect from the Holy Spirit.” According to Kuyper, we should think of the Father as the Author of all things, of the Son as the Mediator of all things, and of the Spirit as the Perfecter of all things.
CP Venema, 1991 (I believe in the Holy Spirit)


This section has articles especially for youth. The Lord promised that the outpouring of his Spirit will even effect the youth in a wonderful way (Acts 2:17). So the youth will also be interested to learn what it means to be a christian, a follower of Jesus Christ.

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