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On the task of the preacher in preaching

Some are dead, you must rouse them; some are troubled, you must comfort them; others are burdened, you must point them to the burden-bearer. Still more are puzzled, you must enlighten and guide them; still others are careless and indifferent, you must warn and woo them.

CH Spurgeon


This section has articles especially for youth. The Lord promised that the outpouring of his Spirit will even effect the youth in a wonderful way (Acts 2:17). So the youth will also be interested to learn what it means to be a christian, a follower of Jesus Christ.

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Bible study

You can find material here that is suitable for Bible study. The purpose of these articles is to give an overview of longer Bible passages, and is suitable for personal or group Bible study. Some of the Bible studies have questions that can be used for discussion.