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"I come quickly"

He is the One who says, "Behold, I come quickly". His coming is not an isolated event at the end of the ages. Behold, I am continually coming! This is the idea of the book of Revelation. The three main divisions of the book revolve around the seven seals of the book, the seven trumpets, and the seven vials. There is progress in the unfolding of the secret counsel of God regarding all events in nature and history, which finally bring forth the Christ. All through history, Jesus is completing the gathering of His church. He sends forth the gospel ministry to the ends of the earth in order that His bride may be made perfect. At the same time, He is bringing judgment upon the wicked, in order that in the end He may justly cast all the workers of iniquity into everlasting perdition.
JL Kortering (Behold, I come quickly)


This section has articles especially for youth. The Lord promised that the outpouring of his Spirit will even effect the youth in a wonderful way (Acts 2:17). So the youth will also be interested to learn what it means to be a christian, a follower of Jesus Christ.

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