1966 and All That: An Evangelical Journey - Life in a Doctrinally Mixed Denomination

In 1966, Martyn Lloyd-Jones made a public appeal for unity among evangelicals through the pursuit of a fellowship of evangelical churches. This book discusses Lloyd-Jones' appeal for unity, and what this appeal means for churches today. In this chapter, the author discusses how this appeal was made in the context of a doctrinally mixed denomination.

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Evangelicals in Wales: Bala Ministers' Conference 1955-2014 - Exciting Background

This book discusses the history of the Bala Ministers’ Conference in Wales from its inception until recent years, and the role played by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The author critically examines this history, drawing conclusions regarding the relationship between the Word and Spirit in evangelism. This section outlines the background behind the establishment of the Ministers' Conference in 1955.