Do you know the difference between science and science fiction? Science acknowledges the reality of intelligent design; science fiction does not. The article explains in more detail.

Source: Witness, 2014. 2 pages.

The Six Dials of the Universe

The Astronomer Royal in the UK, Martin Rees, recently published a book explaining that there are six numbers in the universe, six constants, which must be correct to allow the existence of galaxies, stars and of life itself. An example would be the ratio of gravity to electromagnetism, which allows particles to come together to form larger objects. These numbers have been described as the ‘six dials of the universe’.

Consider this: if any one of these six numbers were even marginally different from what it is, the universe, as we know it, could not exist. The measure of nuclear efficiency, for example, has a value of 0.007. If this figure was 0.006, there would be no other element than hydrogen, the smallest atom of all, rendering life impossible. If it were 0.008, there could be no hydrogen at all, which again makes life inconceivable — there would be no water!

We live in a universe that has been perfectly tuned for the functioning of chemistry, of planets and orbits and stars, and for life itself — for us. Does that suggest that this Universe is just an accident, life itself just the result of random interaction of particles, human thought and study just the electrical activity of a blob of biological matter — a hunt for meaning in a meaningless world?

The atheist, of course, has an answer to this challenge. It is the multiverse theory, which argues that this universe is just one in an infinite pile of possible universes. Thus there will be an infinite number of other universes with the six dials set at different ‘settings’, and the fact that we as life exist in this universe, is just because this universe has the correct six figures.

It is an astonishing thought: an infinite pile of universes, with every conceivable arrangement of the particles of the universe. But just think about what this theory involves: there will be a multitude of universes with a different you, making different choices, experiencing your life differently. One writer points out that a world is conceivable where every person has ‘evolved’ with a purple moustache — it is conceivable, therefore such a universe actually exists! It has to exist, as part of the infinite pile of possible worlds!

Do you see that this is not science? It is ridiculous: it is science fiction! There is not a scrap of evidence to support this theory, or to explain why such an infinite pile of universes should exist — it is just sheer speculation, and desperate speculation at that, to explain away the clear evidence of design in our universe. A wise man remarked: ‘When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything’.

We live in a strange world, where Richard Dawkins can go on television talking about multiverse theory, which requires the existence of the purple moustache universe, and be treated as a scientist explaining a scientific theory, despite having no evidence whatever. Yet a Christian arguing for intelligent design, with all the evidence in the universe at his disposal, will be excluded from the discussion as ‘unscientific’!

The reason, you see, is that people are not rational beings hunting for the truth, they are intelligent but wilful beings who want to live life as they please. If they are forced to acknowledge that God is real, that He is their creator, they are forced then to accept that they are responsible to the God who made them for how they live their lives. Desperate to avoid this conclusion, that they must obey God’s Law or face His judgment, human beings desperately scrabble around for excuses not to believe. They will construct and believe any clever argument conceivable rather than concede the truth of God’s existence and authority — and their own obligation to obey Him.

What about you? Will you go through life believing science fiction rather than fact, just to avoid being confronted with the reality of God? The Apostle Paul, one of the first Christian preachers, expressed this very forcefully in writing to the Christians in the city of Rome. He says: ‘For the invisible things of God, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse’ (Romans 1:20).

Paul is right: people can see from the world around them the reality of God, and they have no excuse for not believing in Him, and for not obeying Him. The tragedy is that those who do not seek a relationship with God will be judged by Him, and punished by Him, for all the wrong that they have done.

You can see the reality of God. You can see that He exists, and you know that He made you. Will you seek to know God, while you have the opportunity? God says in the Bible: ‘I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me’ (Proverbs 8:17). Eternal blessing and safety is found only in the one living and true God, and in Jesus Christ whom He has sent. I hope you find this out for yourself.

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