This article is about following Jesus Christ.

Source: De Reformatie. 2 pages. Translated by Bram Vegter.

Luke 9:57-58 - Foxes Have Holes

Following Jesus…, what does that mean?

Once someone said with conviction to the Lord: “I will follow you wherever you go.’

To this, Jesus said neither yes nor no.

He only said: “Foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head. Then Jesus said to him: ‘Follow me’”(Luke 9:58).

Son of Man🔗

Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. Because he knew it was time for him to be handed over. The man did not understand. Perhaps he had quite different thoughts about following Jesus. Jesus showed him how it would be, using foxes and birds. It sounded fairly sober; no hole and no nest? That sounded very sober.

It would be more than sober.

For the digging of a hole is normal for a fox. And what is a bird who does not build a nest?

Even the most basic, the most elementary in the life of a person, Jesus would miss. Not even a space for himself. No home, no shed, not a box. Nothing.


Look and understand.

With these kinds of sayings Jesus calls himself “the Son of Man” (singular!). In this way he points directly to Adam. He is the Son who was promised in Paradise. He is the One who comes in your place. Everything that happens to him, in all of it you discover your own position, as a sinner.

Then it becomes abundantly clear that you have lost your place too. You do not think of that every day. But the Son of Adam does not beat around the bush. Whoever leaves God, also leaves the earth. Completely clear and justified. Not even a square centimeter you may call your own.

That is more than sober.

It is being sent away. There is no place for you here.

Are you still following?


On top of that it is rather unsafe to not have a hole. Then you do not have any protection when people chase you down. Also, no protection from God when he comes and asks you what you have done.

It is an aspect of Jesus’ life that suddenly becomes noticeable. Never any protection! Always willing to be there, among the people. Also when they beat him, spat at him, and when they drove the nails through his body. He did not withdraw. He did not protect himself, not against the anger of the people, not against the wrath of God.

This is how he became a shelter for every person who follows him.

The only shelter. Other than this there is still no shelter for us.

The question is whether this is sufficient for us? If in this way you can be there, among the people. And before the face of God.

Something happened with Christians, in times of hatred and persecution. They have literally experienced what Jesus said. By following him, they were counted with him.

And we, with our (more or less) generous homes? Do you still dare to live in them as Christians?

That is okay, if you can also leave them behind, at any moment that the Lord continues (moves) on in your life. Without murmuring. The home is to be viewed as no more than a tent. Equally fragile, by the way. Do realize that in time.

Do you follow?


Jesus, by the way, was not looking for his own private place. Earthly possessions were not his goal. Not at all. It would only hinder him.

When all (!) his possessions are being gambled away, the soldiers are quickly done. Just some clothing, the most necessary, those had been his possessions. And even that, the Son of Adam had to leave behind.

Whoever turns back to God, must also give up his things. Crystal clear.

Are you still following?

He indeed occupied his time with the kingdom of God! To bring that to the world, among the people, in the hearts of people. He was tireless in this effort, you could reach him day and night. He was always prepared to bring people back to God. Many received the Lord in their lives.

That was what Jesus did each and every day. Doing that, he could forget everything else. He gave everything for that: his time, his energy, his attention, his body, and his blood.

In the meantime, he has nothing against riches, as long as you handle it wisely. For Jesus does have something against dead capital. When it just lays there and rusts and is not being used.

When it does not follow him.

Then the owner does not follow him either. Then the possession is like a ball-and-chain on your leg. Are you following him?

Whoever follows him, becomes like him, fully ready for the task, without being hooked on anything.

Only connected to God. And then willing to be vulnerable. Only safe with God. It is an illusion to think you can escape that. For in the sacrifice of Jesus your life began.

Following him, your life becomes a sacrifice to God and for the people.

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