The Christian: A Servant

You are welcome to join us for the rest of this series which is entitled What is a Christian? We have been looking together at a variety of ways in which in the New Testament we have descriptors for Christians. There is a considerable variety of them and we are not looking at all of them, but today we come to the word ‘servant’. I want to read some verses, 2 Corinthians 4:1-7, to which we will come right at the very end. They are not absolutely fundamental, but they are important for us when we come to the end of thinking about what it means to be a servant.

The Christian: A Disciple

Read Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 11:25-30

When we started this series, we emphasized (gave special importance) that the emphasis in this series is on the word ‘is’. We are not thinking so much about what a Christian does, but what a Christian is. A thing that is very striking is that the word ‘is’ – that is to say, the word that opens up for you the nature of something, the being of something.

The Christian: A Saint

This article is about being a saint. We’re thinking together about the subject “What is a Christian?”, and we are looking at different titles that the New Testament uses for Christians – and this by no means describes all the different ways in which the New Testament describes a Christian. At some point or another somebody or another would have to give a talk on a Christian as a saint, and so I have chosen these two passages from Acts 9 as our beginning place and then Ephesians 3.