The Value of the Creed Today for the Church Today

The theological nature of the Christian faith makes creeds foundational to the Christian faith. The church must express her faith. Hence, creeds are needed for the shaping of theological thought and practice of the church. For church unity, fighting heresy, church liturgy, and the teaching ministry of the church, creeds play a role.

Liturgy and the Preaching Roster

Should the church follow the liturgical year in her structuring of liturgy? This article shows that following the liturgical year is not the way to go. Instead, church liturgy can be arranged in such a way that Christian feasts can be accommodated through thematization. This method of following preaching themes can be adopted for catechism classes also. The author discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this.

The Dialogical Principle of Worship (1)

This article builds upon a previous article entitled The Covenantal Assembly. At the heart of reformed worship is the covenant. The covenant implies a relationship in which God declares Himself to be the God of His people and that His people are His own. Because of this covenant, God speaks to His people and His people respond. This is what forms the dialogue nature of worship service which is made possible by God through Christ.