Major Principles of Living the Christian Life

This article is about major principles of living the Christian life. The author describes how the Christian life will always have tension, the Christian life involves our whole life (all our faculties), and the Christian life receives Divine chastisement. The author also looks at regeneration and the concept of the crisis experience

Abortion: philosophical and theological considerations

This paper is motivated by the appearance of two rather recent books on the issue of abortion, both written by Christians who disagree on the subject. The first, takes a pro-abortion position. The second takes an anti-abortion position. This paper offers some reflections on abortion, enlivened by these two Christian and yet very different sources. The author talks about politics and abortion, human rights and life as gift from God.

Hope against Hope - The Relevance of Christian Hope Today

Is hope still to be found after the failure of the secular hopes of the modern age? The Christian answer lies in retrieving the biblical and traditional hope for a transcendent future to come from the transcendent God. There is an important and decisive difference between the immanent hopes of modern progressivism and the transcendent hopes of Christian eschatology.